Working at Height

A company has been fined following an accident when a company director died after falling through a fragile roof at one of its properties.

The director fell 10 metres when he went through the fragile cement roofing he was working on. He had been replacing skylights in the roof of the property.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the matter and concluded that the company had failed to adopt safe working practices. They was no safety equipment in use and in particular, a safe working platform ought to have been used.

Speaking after the hearing the HSE said;

“The death is a tragedy which has left a family without a loved one. It was only by chance two other men did not fall through the roof as well. HSE would like to stress it is prosecuting the company because of the poor safety standards in place and the risk exposed to its employee at work. Working at height without any safety precautions in place is not acceptable. Falls from height are among the biggest causes of workplace deaths in the UK. Standards for working on fragile roofs are well-established and extensive guidance is available from HSE.”

The case reminds us of the often tragic consequences of a failure to comply with health and safety regulations. Had the company protected its workers by doing what it was obliged to do by law, the accident could have been prevented.

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