We are going to name her Asda

Asda has shaken up the IVF market by declaring that it is going to sell fertility drugs at cost price.  Asda declared that the decision was to establish itself as the most competitive pharmacy in Britain.

Currently all but two NHS Trusts offer free IVF treatment but this is only for a limited number of cycles.  Thereafter the expensive treatment has to be paid for by the couples themselves.

The Daily Mail has however reported that more and more women are being forced to go private for treatment because of the NHS cutting back on the number of IVF cycles it provides to those with fertility problems.

Although Primary Care Trusts are supposed to provide 3 free cycles a post code lottery means 71% of Primary Care Trusts fund only one or two leaving couples to pick up the cost of further treatment.

Asda’s pharmacist, John Evans, said “we know that an IVF post code lottery means that a considerable number of women will have to pay for additional cycles of treatment and lots of customers have spoken to us about the issue.  IVF is extremely expensive”.

Is it only time before the grateful parents of a much longed for new born show their eternal thanks by naming their child Asda?

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