Uninsured Motorists

The Government is presently running an advertising campaign to remind motorists that under a new law which comes into force in a month’s time, prosecutions can be brought against motorists for simply owning a vehicle without insurance, rather than at present, when prosecutions are brought only after uninsured drivers have been caught actually driving.

 The Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, comments “uninsured drivers are a danger on our road killing 160 and injuring a further 23,000 each year and they cost honest motorists £500m in extra premiums”.

If a person sustains injury in a road traffic accident involving an uninsured motorists, a claim can be pursued even if the uninsured motorist has no means to pay compensation and costs as the Motor Insurers Bureau, funded by the insurance industry, will meet the claim and reserve the right to seek  indemnity from the uninsured motorist.

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