A Health Service Ombudsman report has recently concluded that the NHS is failing to treat elderly patients with care, dignity and respect.

The Ombudsman, who deal with serious complaints made against the NHS, carried out 10 investigations. Their report states that all the 10 patients over the age of 65 suffered unnecessary pain, neglect and distress. We are an ageing population and therefore it is unconceivable to think that the elderly are not given the adequate care that they are entitled to.

Whilst only 10 cases were investigated, the Ombudsman advised that these were not isolated examples. Of nearly 9,000 complaints made to the ombudsman last year, 18% were about the care of elderly people. In total, it accepted 226 cases for investigation – twice as many as for all the other age groups combined.

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To be successful in a medical negligence case, a successful Claimant needs to prove:

1. That the care received fell below the standards expected of a reasonably competent practitioner (breach of duty)

And that:-

2. Harm was suffered as a result (causation)

Therefore, unless a patient suffers real harm as a result of the lack of care, a claim for compensation will fail.

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