‘Red Tape Challenge’

We wrote recently about the Government’s attempts to limit health and safety liabilities.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling has now launched what he describes as a “Red Tape Challenge” for members of the public to report instances of ridiculous decisions made on the grounds of “health and safety”.

The challenge has been focussing on four distinct areas,The regulations subject to public scrutiny fall under different themes: retail, hospitality, food and drink, road transportation, equalities and finally health and safety, which was under scrutiny from 30 June onwards.

There will be a focus on four areas, being general health and safety, major hazard industries, higher risk workplaces and dealing with hazardous chemicals and materials.

Speaking at the launch Mr Grayling said:

“This is the opportunity that every beleaguered business leader, incredulous community group or outraged newspaper reader has been waiting for – a chance to directly change the laws underpinning Britain’s health and safety culture.

“The Coalition is the first administration in history to make a firm commitment to leaving office with fewer regulations than we inherited when we came to power.

“We have already started sweeping reforms to health and safety, but need the experience and insight of those most affected by red tape to help us root out needless bureaucracy and restore common sense to the heart of the system.

“The purpose of health and safety regulation must be to protect people at work, not interfere unnecessarily. We will listen and we will act on what people have got to say, so it’s never been more important for people to make their voice heard.”

The review hopes to be able to report to to ministers by Autumn 2011.