Lisa Lunt, Partner and Head of Clinical Negligence, has appeared on BBC North West Tonight this week, following growing calls for a Public Inquiry into the drug, Primodos.

Primodos, a hormone pregnancy test, was first made available in the UK in 1959. It was prescribed by GPs across England and was taken by 1.5 million British women. It was withdrawn from sale in the UK in 1978.

It is claimed that the taking of Primodos led to congenital anomalies. A group of families who believe that their lives have been affected by Primodos have been campaigning over the years but to date, there is still no proven link between Primodos and the deformities.

Campaigners believe the government knew that it was unsafe for pregnant women to take long before warnings were issued. They claim to have found evidence suggesting that GPs destroy medical records following any complaints.

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