Yesterday the Government announced it plans to release documents they hold on the drug Primodos. Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi brought the debate to Parliament. She believes that some of the families’ medical records are missing. Health Minister George Freeman also said that he would set up an independent review board to consider the documents.


This drug was given to pregnant women in the 1960’s and 70’s as a diagnostic pregnancy test. Pregnant women were advised to take 2 pills. Apparently each pill was equivalent to 40 contraceptive pills so the women had a dose equivalent to 80 contraceptive pills during the critical early stages of pregnancy when the foetus is forming. Campaigners believe that the drug caused birth defects.

Families report missing fingers and toes, heart defects, kidney defects, brain damage amongst others. One of the campaigners spent a number of days searching the public archives at Kew. They found a document from the Drug Safety Committee which referred to the destruction of records.

Lisa Lunt, Head of Clinical Negligence, was approached by the BBC to comment on this document. Lisa said “I was astonished to see that a Government body was talking about the destruction of key records. It’s important to know what advice was given to the GPs by the Committee. Full disclosure should provide some answers”.

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