OFT publishes further follow-up report on internet shopping market

The OFT has published a report on monitoring the internet shopping market.

This follows its market study into internet shopping (June 2007), which found that both businesses and consumers had a low awareness of online shoppers’ rights, and its follow-up report (March 2008) and the results of a customer survey taken in May 2009.

The new report assesses changes in consumer awareness of rights, business practices and consumer confidence since its market study. The OFT has found that there have been many positive changes in the internet shopping market since its market study and follow up activities. In particular, a greater proportion of websites reviewed appear to comply with consumer legislation and information provision. However, there remains scope for the levels of consumer awareness and confidence to improve.

The OFT considers that its findings support its initial, fairly conservative, estimate of the impact of the internet shopping market study and awareness raising activities. Source: OFT report, 28 January 2010.