New Scheme for Road traffic Accident Claims

In April 2010, the Ministry of Justice instroduced a new scheme for dealing with
low value personal injury claims arising as a result of road traffic accidents.
Any personal injury claim arising as a result of a road traffic accident from 30
April 2010 will proceed through this scheme.

The scheme was introduced in order to quicken the claims process so that those injured
in these accidents receive their damages sooner.

However, in order for claims to be submitted through this process, the injured party must have obtained the third party’s full name, address and vehicle registration number.

If these details have not been obtained by the injured party this can cause considerable delays to the progress of their claim.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident, it is important that you obtain the
following information from the third party:

1. their full name
2. their full address inc postcode
3. make and model of their vehicle
4. vehicle registration number
5. location of the accident i.e. road name

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