Metal on Metal Hip Replacements: Update February 2012

We are currently acting for approximately 150 clients who have been affected by the DePuy ASR recall. We are 1 of 6 lead Solicitors across the country that have formed a group to work together on ensuring that patients affected by this recall receive the compensation they deserve.

Since the recall in August 2010, there have been increasing concerns in respect of other Metal on Metal hip implants. There are approximately 49,000 patients with large head Metal-on-Metal hip replacements.

Many patients who have Metal-on-Metal hip implants fitted have mirroring symptoms to that of the DePuy ASR, namely damage caused by metal debris resulting in tissue and blood damage which results in the need for the hip to be revised.

A lot of media attention has recently been given to Metal on Metal implants following the recall of the ASR product. The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) have issued an alert in respect of large head (36mm or more) metal on metal implants. The MHRA have advised that patients who have large head metal on metal implants fitted have a “small risk of suffering complications”.

Whilst they have not been recalled, surgeons have been advised to contact all patients and keep them under annual review. At the very least, blood tests should be conducted to measure the levels of chromium and cobalt in the blood.

The previous advice was that patients with this type of implant should be followed up for a minimum of five years following the operation.

This new advice came as a result of a joint BBC Newsnight and British Medical Journal investigation.

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