Health and Safety Laws Backed by Government

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) last week welcomed the Government’s move to for an end to the “epidemic of excuses” wrongly citing health and safety.

Defending the UK’s health and safety laws, Employment Minister Chris Grayling was critical of the tactic of using health and safety as an excuse for unpopular decisions.

The IOSH has in the past campaigned to highlight the damaging misinterpretation and mis-application of laws. It’s head of policy and public affairs Richard Jones said;

“We’re delighted that the Government has listened and is joining our fight to tackle the health and safety myths that have sadly tarnished real health and safety.

“We think this statement by the Minister represents an important watershed in putting the record straight about real health and safety – highlighting that it’s only when it’s misinterpreted and misapplied that there are problems.

“Good health and safety is about saving lives, supporting business and enterprise and sustaining the economy. We think better education and government promotion of the sensible steps the law really requires should help debunk all this nonsense once and for all.

“Health and safety is about enabling things to happen and keeping people safe, it’s certainly not about pointless paperwork, barmy bans or spoiling sports days.”

A review of health and safety legislation is due to report to ministers in October.

It is thought the review will focus on simplifying current health and safety legislation, although it is hoped that Mr Grayling’s latest comments are indicative of the Government’s approach in this area.