Fears for Safety of Offshore Workers

The Sunday Telegraph recently reported that oil and gas workers in the British sector of the North Sea are more at risk of death and suffering serious accidents than Norwegian workers a few miles away, according to Norway’s PSA, the equivalent of Britain’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

This is disputed by the HSE, who refer to statistics indicating that the rate of fatal and serious injury incidents in the two sectors are comparable – 0.86 injuries per million hours worked on the UK Continental Shelf and 0.85 injuries per million hours worked in Norwegian waters.

Sadly, it is accepted that there are fatal accidents involving offshore workers, with reportedly four deaths in the five years to April 2010 in British waters.

All employees in Britain, including those working offshore, are protected by Health and Safety Laws and Employment Regulations. Unfortunately, these are not always complied with by Employers. If you have been involved in any accident at work you may be entitled to claim damages for your injuries. Please contact Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP for advice.