Apollo Theatre Ceiling Collapse Injuries? You may have a claim!

Have You Been Injured As a result of the Apollo Theatre Ceiling Collapse? if So, You may be entitled to claim for Compensation.


Although ‘London’s theatres ARE safe’, according to West End bosses, in the aftermath of the Apollo ceiling collapse on Thursday night, there is a large question mark over the historic and ornate structures that house thousands of theatre-goers each day.

The Apollo Theatre was evacuated after part of the roof collapsed on Thursday 19th December.

On their arrival, the Emergency service crews described how the air was dark with thick dust that engulfed the more than 700 people who were inside the Apollo that night, as the cast and crew were which was 45 minutes into their performance of award winning ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time’.

With experts describing the incident, which left dozens of audience members injured, as a ‘PR disaster’, both the police and the local council have launched an investigation into the causes of the collapse.

Although there have been no reported fatalities, it is understood that 76 people were injured, with more than 50 needing hospital treatment and seven suffering serious injuries in the disaster, which has shocked the whole of London’s West End.

If you were in the audience of the Apollo Theatre that night and you have sustained injuries as a result of the ceiling collapse, you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries.

Christian Evans, Partner at Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors Serious Personal Injury team commented “It is vital that investigations into the cause of the collapse find out what went wrong, ensure lessons are learned and to boost public safety and theatre goers’ confidence. We also hope that all those victims affected by this collapse are being given the correct treatment and support, to address their physical injuries and potential psychological damage which often arise from these types of traumatic incidents.”

Occupies Liability Act 1957

The law applicable to a visitor to a theatre is covered by the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 which provides a basic duty of care to lawful visitors to premises. The duty to take such care as in all the circumstances is reasonable to ensure the reasonable safety of a visitor. This duty of care is one of the most fundamental principles in UK Health and Safety Law and would clearly apply to those who were injured in the audience following the ceiling collapse at Apollo Theatre.

Westminster Council who are undertaking their own investigations. will no doubt have their own preventative safety check criteria on the Theatres in the West End. They will no doubt be assessing the checks already undertaken, the past engineering evidence to establish whether there were any prior signals of concern.

Irrespective of anything else, it is disappointing – particularly for the victims – that such an incident could happen at all.


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If you or a family member / friend have suffered an injury as a result of the Apollo Theatre Ceiling collapse, you or they may be entitled to claim for compensation.

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