Drop in GP numbers

A study undertaken by the Nuffield Trust has identified a significant drop in the number of GPs.

The study which was commissioned by the BBC reported that the numbers of GPs per 100,000 people has now dropped from approximately 65 to 60.

This has the effect of longer waiting times and more pressure being placed on the remaining GPs. A factor which should also cause concern is that we have an aging population the need for GP care among the average 100,000 people is on the increase. Therefore the numbers of GPs are decreasing at a time when the requirement for GPs is in fact increasing.

The decrease in GPs is reported to be resulting in longer times and patients having difficulties in being seen on a same day or urgent basis. This undoubtedly will then have an impact on A+E as patients choose instead to attend hospital.

The decrease also unfortunately places more pressure on the remaining GPs who are patients first port of call when unwell. We expect GPs and other health professionals to be able to diagnose and act on often the very

early signs of illness. If these are missed they can have serious consequences.

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